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February 11, 2018 2:53 am
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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Hundreds of volunteers spent their Saturday counting, stacking and loading boxes of coveted Girl Scout Cookies into cars for troops across the area.

They will move 1.7 million cookies this week and start booth sales on Feb. 15.

Mackenzie Devereux, 12, was among the Girl Scouts who got up early for this Depot Day, where girls learn more about the process of getting the cookies to customers. 

“We’re gonna be here a long time but it’s really fun,” Mackenzie said. “I learned that it takes a long time to do really important things and it’s a lot of hard work but it really does pay off in the end.” 

The Girl Scout Cookie Program started more than 100 years ago and has become the “largest entrepreneurial training program for girls in the world.” 

“Girls learn 5 critical business skills when they sell cookies,” Girls Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington CEO Karen Hill said. “This is a business enterprise for girls. They really learn about the entire sales and distribution process, they learn how to talk to customers, they plan what they’ll do with the money and they manage their money. It really is a skill building activity, it is not just for the fun of it.”

Troops use cookie sale revenue to do all kinds of Girl Scouts activities including camp and trips. 

“It does fabulous things. All of this money stays in our local community,” Hill said. “It really is the main funder of everything Girl Scouts does.

You’ll soon find Girl Scouts selling cookies in grocery stores and other public spaces, where you can pick up your favorite box for $5. If for some reason you don’t actually want to eat the cookies but you still want to support Girl Scouts, you can buy a box and Girl Scouts will donate it to Meals on Wheels.

The last day of cookie sales is March 11.

“People have to buy cookies by March 11 or they will not get any this year,” Hill said.

Girls Scouts has a Cookie Finder app available on IOS and Android


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